Since 2011, Newsonic makes music with passion and truth, believing that music can connect people around the world - minimizing the blank spaces in our relationships as human beings.

After the success of their previous album "Novos Rumos" and many positive reviews and
feedbacks, Newsonic returns, bringing us "Vorax" - a highly emotional album, showing layers of energy and contemplation. The album was recorded and mixed at Kolera Home Studio, in Rio de Janeiro, with the producer Celo Oliveira.

In response to lots and lots of messages asking for more songs in English, and believing that it’s an excellent way to reach more people, the band decided to write all the new tracks in this
language, assuming a new artistic stance, with more aggressive and emotional themes.

In June 2019, "Vorax" was released on all the most popular download and streaming sites
worldwide, with 11 tracks dealing with many current themes like the human need for attention and the immersion in digital platforms, mental health issues, natural disasters and even
mythology.  It’s an album whose lyrics will make you reflect on the way we are living our lives.